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Laws Governing Dentistry

The following links are to the primary statutes and Rules that govern the practice of dentistry.

When a dentist’s license is disciplined, a number of far reaching consequences are possible. These consequences are generally not discussed at a settlement conference...

An injured patient in the dental office is a sure way to spoil your day.  There are many ways a patient can be injured in the dental office. They can be injured during treatment or as the result of an incident such as a slip or fall...

Michael Vold, DDS, JD represents licensed professionals, principally medical and dental providers involved in licensure issues, investigations and prosecutions at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), the Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and administrative and regulatory bodies in the State of Illinois. 

We answer questions about the Illinois Dental Practice Act and Rules and the Illinois Controlled Substances Act.  We defend licensed professionals during investigations and actions to revoke, suspend and discipline their license to practice their profession.  We assist in qualifying for and restoring professional licenses to full status once they have been disciplined.  We are here to aid you through the worrisome legal process of defense of your license.

We aid practitioners who struggle with substance addictions and their consequences. 

We assist with professional business issues and transactions, such as the buying and selling of practices, evaluation of practices, employment contracts, evaluation of legal documents and consultation regarding business related issues. 

We help with third party payee (insurance company) problems and answer professional ethics and advertising questions.  We consult with other attorneys and law firms regarding specific dental-legal issues, the standard of care and review of claims.

We can help you with risk management strategies and compliance with the various laws and statutes that relate to your dental practice.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk too and bounce your ideas off.  We are experienced enough to take care of your problems and small enough to personally care.  We know that your reputation and livelihood can be on the line.  We know that occasionally you need an aggressive defense or an innovative approach to a problem.  We have achieved positive outcomes for our clients and will do the same for you

Special Note

Do not respond to IDFPR without proper representation.  Before you agree to an interview, produce a document, meet with an IDFPR investigator, and/or respond to a notice, call us first.  We have the experience to help you protect your license to practice.

This web site is designed for general information only and the information that is presented should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of a lawyer-client relationship  (See tab above for full disclaimer).

Do you verbally go through the options with patients?  Do you give them a written informed consent?  In most dental offices, the answer is probably no.

What do you do when your receptionist announces that an investigator for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is waiting to speak with you?

Other Articles 

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The dentist needs to follow certain guidelines to dismiss the patient correctly...

Be careful who you let into your home.  Identity theft is on the rise across the US and the techniques used to steal identities range from the mundane to the ultra-sophisticated. The following tips will reduce the chance of having your identity stolen.

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What do you do when the receptionist comes back to tell you that there is an investigator in your office waiting to speak with you?  What do you do when you receive a telephone call from an investigator?

Controlled Substances

Substance abuse, left untreated, will destroy your life, your practice and your family.

Being Sued?

The suit will eventually settle and life goes on.

Discerning fact from myth, you are in a better position of avoid unintended legal consequences.

Risk Management Benefits Dentists and Patients

The standard of care requires a dentist to inquire about medications a patient may be taking...

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The National Practitioner Data Bank is an online repository of information pertaining to the professional competence and conduct of health care practitioners.  

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When to Accept a Settlement Offer and When to Not...

Generally, it can be assumed that the Department attorney feels discipline is appropriate or he would not have scheduled the conference in the first place....  

The financial exposure from a lawsuit alleging employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation can be huge.  Every practice should have a harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy established.