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Explaining the National Practitioner Data Bank

The National Practitioner Data Bank is an online repository of information pertaining to the professional competence and conduct of health care practitioners.  

Informed Consent

Controlled Substances

Substance abuse, left untreated, will destroy your life, your practice and your family.

The financial exposure from a lawsuit alleging employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation can be huge.  Every practice should have a harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy established.

When a dentist’s license is disciplined, a number of far reaching consequences are possible. These consequences are generally not discussed at a settlement conference...

Patient Injuries

IDFPR Conferences

Independent Contractors?

Most employers make the mistake of labeling their workers as independent contractors...

Generally, it can be assumed that the Department attorney feels discipline is appropriate or he would not have scheduled the conference in the first place....  

Accept Settlement Offer?

When to Accept a Settlement Offer and When to Not...

Laws Governing Dentistry

The following links are to the primary statutes and Rules that govern the practice of dentistry.

Debunking Practice Myths

While practice owners think their actions are acceptable, sometimes the opposite is true.

An injured patient in the dental office is a sure way to spoil your day.  There are many ways a patient can be injured in the dental office. They can be injured during treatment or as the result of an incident such as a slip or fall...

Be careful who you let into your home.  Identity theft is on the rise across the US and the techniques used to steal identities range from the mundane to the ultra-sophisticated. The following tips will reduce the chance of having your identity stolen.

Being Sued?

The suit will eventually settle and life goes on.

Risk Management Benefits Dentists and Patients

The standard of care requires a dentist to inquire about medications a patient may be taking...

Employment Practices

Dismissing a Patient

The dentist needs to follow certain guidelines to dismiss the patient correctly...

Discerning fact from myth, you are in a better position of avoid unintended legal consequences.

Effects of Discipline

Unexpected Visitors


Patient Refunds and Liability

What do you do when an unhappy patient demands their money back?

A Prescription for your well being

Here are some common sense prescription guidelines that will save you from taking the perp walk:

Do you verbally go through the options with patients?  Do you give them a written informed consent?  In most dental offices, the answer is probably no.

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Preventing Fraud

Other Articles 

What do you do when your receptionist announces that an investigator for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is waiting to speak with you?

Percentages of Life

“Eighty percent of life is just showing up.” -Woody Allen (1935-)

What do you do when the receptionist comes back to tell you that there is an investigator in your office waiting to speak with you?  What do you do when you receive a telephone call from an investigator?

Being Investigated?